WTF Recognized Mooto Extera S4 Uniform

最喜愛的 MOOTO Extera S4 Uniform 強勢回歸
售價 820 元
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M.A. SHOP 全新推出 2013 MOOTO 新系列跆拳道道袍: MOOTO Extera Uniform - Season 4


  Material : Functional Spandex Polyester 65%, Cotton 35%
  Color : White Uniform with Black V Neck
  Origin : South KOREA (한국)
  Official recognition : WTF / KTA


  ▲EXTERA V자형 가슴 패치  
     EXTERA breast patch of the V style

  ▲WTF 공인 라벨  
     WTF recognition label

  ▲오른팔 위 EXTERA 라벨  
     The EXTERA Label on the Right Arm

  ▲목 뒤 라벨  
     The label on the back side of the neck

  ▲고급스러운 무토 자수  
     Luxurious MOOTO embroidery

  ▲손목 스티칭 마감  
     The stitching inside on sleeve cuffs

  ▲매듭풀기가 용이한 도복 허리끈  
     The easy untangling waist string

  ▲원단 스와치 확대  
     The magnification of fabric swatch

  ▲상의 앞면, 뒷면  
     Both side of the top

  ▲하의 앞면, 뒷면  
     Both side of the pants




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